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We offer a comprehensive approach to dental care.
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The equivalent to a pediatrician, we are a team of dental specialists for children and teenagers.  Because of additional specialized dental training and because we have limited our practice to children and teenagers, we are able to keep current on the latest diagnostic and treatment procedures for young people.  These procedures allow us to accommodate the physical and psychological needs of children and teens.  Our primary focus is on their attitudes and habits, so that dental care can be a pleasant experience for them.

Our team consists of a pediatric specialist, our highly trained auxiliary staff, you the parent, and your child or teenager.  We all work together for one common goal, prevention and treatment of dental problems and injuries.  Much of our treatment is educational for both parent and child.   Rewarding personal relationships between young people and our dental team can lay the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health.  The preventative dental care children and teenagers receive today will play a major role in determining their dental health as adults and parents.

Kathryn Cook, D.D.S.